How to Improve Your Webinar Programs in 2016 [New Year’s Resolutions]

How to Improve Your Webinar Programs in 2016 [New Year’s Resolutions]

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Here at BrightTALK continued learning is a priority; every day professionals consume content on our platform to self-educate to advance their careers. As we wrap up 2015 and most people are putting together their personal resolutions, we’ve outlined 8 resolutions to improve your webinar programs and help you be a webinar pro throughout 2016.

Q1: Metrics

  • Understand and track your KPIs on a monthly basis. Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness or generate leads with your webinar programs, understand what your goals are and how to best achieve them.
  • Automate your reporting. Simplify the webinar process by integrating BrightTALK with your marketing automation platform or CRM. Save time by having leads and engagement data automatically pushed to your system. This will make it simple to get in-depth insights on your webinar programs and track ROI.

Q2: Promotion

  • Test a new promotional tactic. Most webinar programs leverage email and social media for content promotion. Scale your attendee numbers by offering new incentives for your audience to attend live. Try holding a contest, arranging a giveaway, or co-presenting with a customer or partner to attract additional viewers.
  • Segment your database to promote your webinar only to those who would be interested in that specific presentation. It can be tempting to blast your entire database with an invitation, but personalized content recommendations to the most relevant audience will help you draw a more engaged viewership and avoid a disconnect with a prospect.

Q3: Content

  • Perform a content audit. When you spend time and energy producing a great deal of content, it’s critical to make sure it aligns with your buyer personas. Map out the webinars you’ve run in the past year and assess if you’re creating enough content to sufficiently nurture all of your prospects through the funnel.
  • Cut down on the bullet points in your presentation. Professionals often rely on bullets to summarize key points, but your audience can read faster than you speak. Replace words on your slides with images and diagrams where possible to engage your audience.

Q4: Speaking style

  • When presenting, stand up and smile. Your audience can hear the enthusiasm in your voice even on the phone. This is especially crucial during a webinar when you’re connecting with a remote audience. It can be easy to sound disengaged or bored if you’re not on stage.
  • Continue to learn and improve your delivery by listening to speakers you admire and taking notes on what makes them effective. Observing different speaking styles will make you a better speaker and help you develop your unique voice.

We’re looking forward to an exciting, knowledge-filled 2016. For more webinar resources all year long, be sure to tune into the BrightTALK Academy. Happy New Year!

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