How to Maximize Your Lead Quality with BrightTALK’s Data Enrichment

Morgan Cantrell
VP & Managing Director
July 29, 2022

The demand generation market is plagued by bad data, wasting both time and money. High bounce rates, inaccurate phone records, bad location data and other challenges directly impact your bottom line.

As a value-added service to our customers, BrightTALK enriches every contact record to maximize lead quality, marketing conversions and sales follow-ups.

How we do it:
  • Firmographic data is cleansed and augmented with verified information.
  • Emails and phone numbers are updated with the most accurate available contact information.
  • 80% of leads are enriched with new or improved data.
  • The right reps follow up with the right leads through more outreach channels.
21% of media investments is wasted due to poor data quality

— Forrester Research*

* Forrester Consulting

Better Contact Records = Better ROI

All leads, whether they register for content through your direct promotions or BrightTALK’s, go through a quality assurance check to:

1. Validate user-entered name, contact info and company name

2. Augment with verified accurate demographic/firmographic info

3. Append new/improved contact info including mobile phone and LinkedIn handle

Increases lead gen yield – leading to better MQL conversion, more meetings and more opportunities

BrightTALK’s data enrichment capabilities improve the accuracy of leads by validating, cleansing and augmenting data with the most accurate information available. The result is greater return at every step of the funnel.

Gives your team more ways to engage

Sales reps are only as effective as the data they’re using in lead follow-up. BrightTALK leads are enriched with the most accurate email and phone number data available, including mobile phone numbers. LinkedIn profile handles are also added so reps can research prospects and reach out through another channel.

Improves lead routing and segmentation

Company data is appended to provide all the data you need to segment and route your leads to the right reps or nurture flows. Complete company profiles include country, region/state, postal code, company revenue, industry and standardized company names.

Expands contact intelligence

From first and last name to enhanced job title, level and function data, lead records enter your systems with the information reps need to prioritize and customize their outreach to land more meetings and new customers.

Gives you more time to create high-value content and optimize campaigns

You get to spend less time sifting through bad data and more time flexing your creative and operational muscles to multiply your business impact. BrightTALK data enrichment gives you time and energy back by improving your lead quality.

With BrightTALK, your webinars are automatically promoted to the 29+ million professionals who come to the platform to engage with 100,000+ free talks. We use a simple, intuitive login form to easily collect prospect information that syncs directly with your CRM. With this platform, generate high-quality intent leads as soon as someone directly engages with your content. See how it works for yourself – Request a demo with BrightTALK today.

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