Improve Your Webinar’s ROI with Marketo’s List Segmentation & Other Tips

Improve Your Webinar’s ROI with Marketo’s List Segmentation & Other Tips

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Dividing your customer base into definable and actionable components is essential to a successful webinar promotional campaign. With Marketo’s dynamic content you can customize the content in landing pages and promotional emails to the individual. Best webinar programs utilize target list segmentation to generate relevance in your nurturing program and drive registration to your webinar.

Here are a couple of ways to boost your webinar’s promotional content relevance in Marketo.

While there are a number of possibilities when it comes to segmenting your database – try defining segments based on your leads’ geographic and persona data.

Geographic: List segmentation based on the geographical location of your target allows you to run promotions and webinar content based on regional similarities.

  • Decide who and where you want to target
  • Consider the size of your team and location of your target market (segment by US time zone or use a multi-country strategy)
  • Use data enrichment providers to help ensure accurate demographic data
  • Leverage optimal promotional timing data and user engagement data to create one program per region

Persona: Be as relevant as possible in your webinar invites by combining demographic and behavioral data.

  • Cater key takeaways and drive leads to content based on interests and optimal timing
  • Save time and effort by tailoring pieces of your promotional content to a certain audience using Marketo’s content snippets (dynamically change text depending on the recipient demographics or behavior)
  • Use a standard call-to-action on a landing page with different links for customers versus prospects

According to Marketo, the average click-through rate for behaviorally triggered sends is 20% higher than a regularly scheduled nurture or back send: “Segmenting according to behavior is the single most essential tactic an email marketer can adopt to increase relevance.

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