Infographic: 4 Essential Stats B2B Marketers Can’t Afford to Ignore

Infographic: 4 Essential Stats B2B Marketers Can’t Afford to Ignore

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This is a guest post from Matt Cayless, Director of SEO at Bubblegum Search.

The web is jam packed with juicy tips and tricks for digital marketers, but when it comes to B2B marketing specifically, statistics can be harder to come by.

This infographic, which focuses purely on B2B statistics, offers fantastic insights into the real state of online B2B marketing. You may be in for a few surprises. Let’s take a look at some of the most important insights:

1. B2B buyers are young Instagrammers.

70% of B2B researchers are aged 18 to 34. They’re millennials, and they’re moving outside of traditional LinkedIn to search for businesses like yours on the likes of Instagram. Plus, they have more say in purchasing decisions than you ever thought.

2. You could be ahead of 50% of the competition by being mobile-friendly.

Yep – only half of B2B organizations have a mobile-friendly website. That’s a catastrophic issue when you consider that Google’s switch to the mobile index is putting desktop-only sites lower and lower in the SERPs. Get mobile now, and you could get ahead of the competition.

3. 85% of B2B success is down to high-quality content.

Content creation is huge for B2B organizations, but it’s not as simple as spewing out a generic blog every week. Your content needs to be high-quality, valuable, and trustworthy. Invest in great content and your B2B audience will be happy to invest in you.

4. Paid offline marketing isn’t as valuable as you thought.

58% of B2B marketers still use print and offline advertising, but only 24% find it effective. That makes it the least powerful paid marketing method out there. You’re far better off focusing on paid search engine and social media advertising.


Matt Cayless is the Director of SEO at Bubblegum Search, an SEO & Content Marketing agency. He has a passion for helping businesses optimize their content experiences online. By night he can be found training for his next marathon while remaining fearful of carbohydrates.

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