Inspiration from the Top Digital Marketers Awards

Inspiration from the Top Digital Marketers Awards

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I recently attended B2B’s 2011 Top Digital Marketers Awards Luncheon in San Francisco. The event honored the Top 25 Digital Marketers for their outstanding performance in developing innovative digital marketing campaigns.

Linda Boff from GE took the honor of being named the Top Digital Marketer of the Year, for her innovative online marketing programs.

It was a great venue to meet old friends and clients as well as make new connections. I also enjoyed the inspired keynote from Brian Solis at the start the ceremony. His articulation of the social landscape challenged the audience to think critically about business norms as he pitched his new book, The End of Business as Usual. The book explores the consumer revolution, fuelled by peer experiences and feedback, that is impacting business, media and culture.

With the event running short, Kate Maddox, Editorial Director of B2B, was able to briefly interview each of the 25 marketing leaders. When asked about what their focus will be next year, the answers were virtually the same across the group:

  • Content, especially video
  • Distribution using mobile devices and social networks
  • Insights from web analytics

I was particularly excited to hear one marketer talk about thinking and acting like a publisher, using content to generate sales and create customer loyalty. I originally discussed this market dynamic with my good friend, Tom Foremski, editor and publisher of Silicon Valley Watcher, as far back as 2006. Back then we only got blank stares or polite agreement from senior marketers. How the times have changed.

I am excited to be on this journey with you all, especially as BrightTALK continues to develop its technology to allow marketers to make their content stand out from the crowd…let’s get at it!

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