Integrating Online Events into Your Content Marketing Strategy

Integrating Online Events into Your Content Marketing Strategy

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Marketers can integrate online events into their content marketing strategy in a number of ways. You can sponsor online events, such as BrightTALK Summits, which feature a variety of webcasts all related to an overarching theme. Companies sponsoring these summits can have their brand appear throughout the event and the pre- and post-event marketing, and can help influence the overall agenda for the event, plus add some content of their own.

Thought leaders offer some of the best content and can drive huge audiences from around the world. People who attend these summits are highly engaged around a topic that aligns with the interests of the sponsors, thus generating many qualified sales leads. All three marketing functions can utilize the sponsorship to meet their goals. Corporate provides thought leadership, product hones in on a category, and regional makes use of the leads generated throughout the summit.

Another way to optimize a summit sponsorship is to work closely with your strategic partners in order to jointly sponsor an event.  Not only do you and your partners deliver the type of content you want to see, but partners can also aid with the funding and boost messaging. For example, BrightTALK hosted a summit sponsored by Dell and two of their partners, VMware and EMC. Together they worked to expand their story and deliver very relevant content to their audience and their region teams benefited from having more opportunities for lead generation activities.

A third option for leveraging online events is to host your own series of events. Perhaps you want to have more direct control over the content produced in an event you want to include your partners, or you want to build an engaged audience that you can continuously provide messaging to. An option to consider is to create your own webcasting channel and start putting up a steady stream of ongoing webcasts or videos. Your webcasts can range from information about product launches to thought leaders sharing their ideas, to customers sharing their success stories to even honing into that category or specific solution that your product marketing team is promoting. The great advantage here is that you can create compelling content to engage your audience and at the same time your various marketers can take advantage of the platform to meet their goals, all while generating high quality sales qualified leads.

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