Money on the Table: Uses of Intent Data

Money on the Table: Uses of Intent Data

Intent Data is currently all the rage. A range of vendors have made a huge promise but how effective are the these often black-box algorithms? In the first installment of this blog series on intent we dove into how BrightTALK gauges buying intent and how we quantify that for you.

In this followup piece we talk about how intent data is applied to improve the focus of sales and
marketing efforts. We will talk about general best practices, as well as how BrightTALK is leveraging its Intent data for its own purposes and how you can too.

BrightTALK Intent Leads allow you to identify accounts and leads with buying intent.

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Applications of Intent Data

There are many ways to use intent data, whether from BrightTALK or other providers, consider this a high level overview of some of the ways you can create activity and build business with Intent data in B2B.

Funnel Augmentation
1st and 3rd party intent data drives continued value by making ongoing nurture smarter

  • Account based marketing
  • Personalised nurture programs
  • Lookalike audiences

Rapid Customer Acquisition
Identifying and actioning on the clearest buying signals for your business is key

  • Retargeting matched audiences
  • Sales development outreach
  • Automated outreach

Sales Acceleration
Intent data helps sales be more effective with their time by identifying prospects in market

  • Target account selection
  • Outreach prioritization
  • Sales alerts

Post-sale and Other
Leveraging intent signals for existing accounts can help to identify new users and advocates

  • Growth accounts
  • Land and expand
  • Proactive churn detection

Cadence Automation

The first way that BrightTALK applied intent data to accelerate business, was in automated sales outreach cadences. We utilize a tool that keeps our sales development team focused on specific segments, while still addressing our business needs.

Follow up success cohort comparison

Our automated cadences on our Intent leads have demonstrated a significant advantage to our industry cohorts utilizing the same automation vendor.

Lead Flow

Our Intent leads are loaded automatically on a weekly cadence into our Marketo instance from BrightTALK Demand Central. From there they follow this path. Your MarTech stack may look different, but Demand Central has integrations for virtually any platform on the market.

Lead Delivery, Filtering and focusing

Lead Delivery

Intent leads are delivered on a weekly or monthly cycle, directly into your marketing automation software, or downloaded from Demand Central.

Lead Filtering

Prior to creating activity on our own intent leads, we apply filters to segment and onboard leads onto campaigns.

We filter out the following:

Sales Development Email Cadence

The whole point of Sales development automation is to replicate and multiply the activity of your sales outreach. As such our cadences look similar across the human teams and their automated assistant.

The following visualizes our standard practices with a net new lead coming from BrightTALK Intent leads.

Maximizing ROI from Intent Leads

Within the short time that we have been using Intent leads we have seen a great deal of activity generated. In the interest of transparency, below we have a detailed waterfall analysis of the ROI we are seeing from this lead product.

We’ve seen 275k in pipeline and 97k in Closed-won bookings from our intent leads. This tracking goes back to the very beginning of testing our outreach methods, and even with that caveat we’ve seen an 11% success rate in nurture programs.


Revenue Stage Intent Leads Success % Success
Known 4060 22 5%
Engaged 77 17%
Prospect 18 4%
MQL 47 10%
SAL 71 16%
   Recycle 171 38%
   Disqualified 12 3%
SQL 2 0%
Opportunity 26 6%
Customer 6 1%
Total 4060 452 11%

Take away

Revenue Stage
26% are still pre-MQL
26% are currently on success path
 41% MQL > Recycle/Disqualified
7% Pipeline and Bookings
275k (pipeline)
$97k (closed-won)
At 5 months, 11% have had success in nurture programs

BrightTALK Intent Leads allow you to identify accounts and leads with buying intent.

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