Intent Score: Yet another score or goldmine?

Intent Score: Yet another score or goldmine?

Intent Data is currently all the rage. A range of vendors have made a huge promise but how effective are the these often black-box algorythms? In this blog we dive into how BrightTALK gauges buying intent and how we quantify that for you.

BrightTALK Intent Leads allow you to identify accounts and leads with buying intent.

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Various types of B2B topic data

The source, quality, and action plan for your Intent data the coveted secret sauce for running Intent marketing. Some martech vendors promise to leverage highly sophisticated models of 3rd part data that boil the ocean of available engagement online. Others stick to clear actionable outcomes based on 1st party insights. Marketers should be wary that the data and signals they buy have not been processed and repackaged so many times that it scarcely resembles clear intensions.

BrightTALK is purely 1st party data from our 8 million active opt-in users. When you access data from BrightTALK, that is considered 2nd party data

Behavioral signals of value

Intent data at its most basic level is behavioral data that is filtered to audience parameters. However what behavioral signals have value and truly can convey buying intent?

Indication of buying committee
Few B2B purchase decisions happen at the hand of single individuals. When you see multiple stakeholders researching a topic it’s a good indication they may be in a buying cycle.

Appetite for information
When a buyer is researching, the amount of information they devour is massive as they self-educate. As their understanding deepens, their research will focus on specific challenges.

Research specificity
What makes research different from plain consumption is the specificity. When a prospect is researching a category the queries and viewings will tend to be very focused and thoroughly explore that topic.

Rapidly rising activity
Stemming from the appetite of information, the trend of activity for a viewer will rapidly surge when research is underway. This can help differentiate a competitor monitoring the landscape from your next buyer.

What Intent means to BrightTALK

Three primary metrics comprise the BrightTALK intent score contributing an equal 25% base weighting. Each can receive a boost up to 1/3rd of the max score if there is a strong deviation from norm.

Building up account intent from person-based data

Intent scores and how to use them

BrightTALK Insights tool

Identifying your best Intent signals is half the battle. Choose topics that align to your core use cases and buyer keyword searches. BrightTALK is building an exciting new Intent Insights tool to delve deeper into what topics on BrightTALK are displaying high intent among B2B professionals. Stay tuned for this cool new tool to understand what audiences are actively researching your topics on BrightTALK.

BrightTALK Intent Leads allow you to identify accounts and leads with buying intent.

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