Introducing talks: a new standard for webinars and videos

Introducing talks: a new standard for webinars and videos

Today BrightTALK is pleased to announce the launch of our new talks presenter experience. Designed for B2B marketers, presenters and audiences alike, this milestone marks a new standard for webinars and videos. BrightTALK is committed to creating the best webinar and video platform to help inspire and acquire your ideal audiences.

Clients can now find the option to schedule a talk within their available content formats. This self-service HD live video presenting feature makes webcam presenting, screen sharing and video play-ins easy. But the real magic happens when companies use talks to reimagine how they tell stories and make authentic connections with their audiences. More on that in a bit.

Why elevate your webinars and videos with talks?

Here are three good reasons to get going:

Increase webinar registrations and views

Make presenters’ lives easy and their talks more inspiring

Save valuable time while elevating the audience experience

Talks marks the third time BrightTALK has completely rebuilt its live presenting experience. The most recent such time was with the launch of our pro webinar platform in 2016. This time around, we have gone to great lengths to rebuild the back-end of our live video platform from scratch using the very best of breed cloud technologies for maximum reliability. With so many mid-market and large enterprise clients hosting events with thousands of attendees, we have gone to great lengths to create a rock-solid reliable and scalable architecture.

Our aim was to create something beautiful for audiences, simple for marketers, and reliable for presenters.

With talks we put a new emphasis on authentic connections with faces, video, and more human interaction with audiences. With its initial feature set (and more to come before the end of the year) there is a wide range of new storytelling formats that give our clients more self-service options than ever before:

Storytelling formats

Talk Show Chat or Series

Creating a successful content strategy means that you need both quality content and a steady drumbeat of new content to acquire and nurture audiences. We recommend mixing in more casual content like a talk show chat/ series, so you can stay top of mind with your viewers. All you need is a couple of interesting people talking about hot topics that align with your campaign themes. And with no slides required, it’s a quick solution to activate the thought leadership of your top experts, influencers and customers.

Multi-speaker webcam panels

Webcam panel discussions are a great way to create insightful content for your audience while making experts shine. Leveraging topical current events to capture interest will increase buzz and this format is popular for co-marketing efforts with partners or to deepen a customer relationship without asking for a testimonial. While it requires some effort to coordinate calendars across panelists, it’s still less work than creating and signing off an entire slide deck. Plus, audiences LOVE this format.

Live product demos with faces for Q&A

Essential for late-stage content that helps turn more leads into customers and more customers into bigger spenders! If you have a weekly demo, delivering your message with HD audio and video along with live Q&A brings a human touch and opportunity to create a more meaningful connection with prospects and customers. Because we are wired that way as humans, live video substantially increases brand recall, so if you’re looking to increase conversions for your sales and success teams, look no further.

Live stream interviews or panels using a professional camera

With talks comes new possibilities for the gloss and professionalism of your presentations. While leveraging professional equipment requires a bit more expertise and is not for everyone, it can be a great way to elevate your talks even further. This is an easy set-up and easy to use in your office or at events so long as you have stable internet and the right equipment.

Classic webinars with slide and audio presentations

The class bread and butter of B2B content. Whether it’s top-of-funnel thought leadership all the way to bottom-funnel solutions-oriented content. Classic webinars are adored by the radio-stars of B2B and audiences alike. These require a bit more work, but it’s well worth the effort as they continue to feature in the top-performing awareness and demand creation tactics. Especially when you plan properly and turn your webinar into a bunch of campaign assets (e.g. blog posts, guide, social fodder).

Fully pre-recorded presentations live Q&A

Particularly in larger organizations, flawless execution of your demos and presentations is a must. Additionally, high caliber speakers are very busy and do not always have a schedule that aligns to your content calendar. This is where prerecording your talk comes in very handy. Take the stress out of your live-day but keep the live Q&A.

And many more!

Why use more varied formats? Some of our clients in more technical industries sometimes make the analogy that their speakers are more radio stars than TV stars. So why start to also introduce live video? Inspiring audiences with more varied content is an important way to keep audiences engaged. We have found that clients who run more varied formats of webinar and video content see up to 60% more total engagement across content with the same volume of promotion. Not to mention the substantial time-savings for marketers without compromising campaign performance!

We look forward to seeing what you create on BrightTALK. You have a story to tell. The world is waiting.

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