Introducing the new BrightTALK San Francisco office

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Just two years ago, our CEO branched out of the London office to start building a presence for BrightTALK in the States, determined to create a knowledge destination for business professionals. Since then, the BrightTALK team has been growing steadily and the old office was basically bursting at the seams as we talked over each other, screaming for more space.After a few months of office searching, we were finally able to settle on a spacious loft space in the SOMA district. We finally have lots of room to move around, along with plenty of extra room for new hires down the road. Our new space is equipped with two studios for recording webcasts, a kitchen stocked with drinks and snacks, and plenty of room for cartwheels.

We’re really excited about the future of BrightTALK, and hope you are too. At BrightTALK, we’re all about interaction and the vibrant exchange of ideas while creating powerful online events. We think our new US HQ captures what we’re all about.

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