Is Your Social Media Strategy Global?

Is Your Social Media Strategy Global?

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Over the past few years, we’ve watched the booming social media industry continue to expand with more audiovisual interactions, advertising innovations, and more noise.

With the constantly changing and globally diverse trends of our fast-paced digital world, it’s important to take a look at the worldwide usage and effectiveness of social networking sites, video sharing platforms and micro-blogging networks in developing a powerful and wide-reaching B2B marketing strategy for 2016.

Here’s what the Content Marketing Institute found about the developments of social media platform usage and effectiveness across North America and United Kingdom in their recent B2B Content Marketing reports.

Social media platform usage

In terms of usage, LinkedIn remains the most-used content marketing social media platform in both North America (94%) and the UK (93%), with Twitter following at a close second (87% NA, 92% UK).

Interestingly, 84% of US organizations placed Facebook as their third most-used content marketing strategy while the UK put YouTube in third place (81%). In fact, UK content marketers have increased their YouTube usage by 13% in the last year. With visual content and audience engagement at the utmost priority this year, North America might want to take a tip from the UK and incorporate YouTube more into their strategy.

While both UK and North American organizations use an average of 6 social media platforms in their content promotion and distribution, the UK spreads their marketing strategy across a wider variety of platforms – incorporating Google+, SlideShare, Instagram and Pinterest more than North America. And looking at effectiveness, this diversification is working.

Social media platform effectiveness

Platform usage is one thing, but what are North America and the UK seeing as far as the effectiveness with these platforms? According to the two reports, though both the UK and North America use LinkedIn the most, 69% of UK organizations actually find Twitter to be the most effective platform. In contrast, Twitter (55%) comes in second behind LinkedIn (66%) for effectiveness in North America. B2B marketers wanting to reach that UK audience might take heed and add a Twitter focus in their strategy.

YouTube continues to grow and remains highly effective in both the UK and North America, but ‘Facebook fatigue’ is apparently becoming an issue. Though Facebook is a highly used platform by both UK and North American B2B marketers, the effectiveness is falling significantly behind YouTube. Even though marketers in North America use Facebook more than YouTube, YouTube is showing greater success.

The UK is finding Google+ quite effective, but in North America, the effectiveness rating for Google+ fell 7% in 2015. The UK audience is responding well to Google+ tactics, while it’s not as successful with North American marketers.

B2B social media effectiveness

Already using these tactics for your global audience but not seeing the results you want? Here’s how to reevaluate your B2B social media strategies.

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