Latest Trends Influencing Demand Generation Investments

Latest Trends Influencing Demand Generation Investments

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Where is demand generation heading in 2016? In the latest edition of the Demand Generation Benchmark Report, Demand Gen Report uncovered some great insights about the state of demand generation and how marketers will address their top goals and challenges this year.

One of the most notable takeaways, however, is the emphasis on generating higher quality demand and making more strategic demand generation investments. With 67% of demand gen budgets expected to increase this year, it’s important to take a deeper look at how the function is evolving within organizations and influencing the bottom line.

Here’s a quick look at three emerging trends from this year’s Demand Generation Benchmark Report.

1. Demand generation budgets are increasing significantly

Spurred by investments in developing technologies like predictive analytics and account-based marketing, 39% of marketers said they expect their budget to rise by 20% or more this year. As demand generation gains visibility as a key marketing function, organizations are dedicating more resources to getting it right. This is a sharp increase from last year, when only 21% of respondents said their demand gen budget would increase by 20% or more.

2. Generating quality demand takes the top priority

Echoing the results of last year’s B2B Lead Generation Report, marketers are showing a clear focus on quality over quantity of leads, with 83% ranking lead quality among their top demand generation priorities — up 10% from last year.

Generating increased lead volume came in at a distant fifth, with 57% of those surveyed including it in their top 5 demand generation priorities. While marketers have always juggled the need of quality vs. quantity, research shows that a majority of marketers are now soundly investing in quality over quantity.

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3. Interactive engagement tactics are the most effective

In-person events, white papers and webinars were voted the top three engagement tactics, which aligns with the top priority of generating higher quality leads. Interactive tactics like events and webinars consistently produce better leads, so it’s no surprise that they were once again voted among the most effective at engaging prospects.

Are you launching or revamping your demand gen webinar program in 2016? Check out these essential guides to get started.

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Looking at these results, it seems that demand generation is poised for another year of growth and innovation, with a sharp focus on acquiring high-quality leads and converting them down the funnel. For more insights into the demand gen landscape, hear what ANNUITAS’ CEO Carlos Hidalgo has to say on The State of Enterprise B2B Demand Generation.

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