Learning the BrightTALK Culture: Opportunity and Collaboration

Learning the BrightTALK Culture: Opportunity and Collaboration

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The first thing you notice when you enter the BrightTALK San Francisco office is the open space—a large, well-lit room with high ceilings and tall windows, where “workspace” is not strictly defined by a cubicle or a desk, but is given ample air and flexibility.

During my first two weeks on the job, I quickly learned that the BrightTALK culture is one of opportunity and collaboration. The physical properties of our office mirror the internal dynamics and processes that make us tick. The open well-lit space provides a fertile environment for nurturing ideas and growing opportunities into successful projects, and enough room to use a rolling chair as a mode of transportation. Energy and inspiration are freely shared in an ongoing conversation happening out in the open, over chat or between groups anywhere in the office.

It is rarely quiet at BrightTALK San Francisco and things happen at an exciting pace. Time is utilized with the utmost efficiency. My first days at BrightTALK challenged me to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible. After an intensive training, I was up to speed and fully responsible for a complex position that requires focus and strategic thinking. I couldn’t be happier—the fast pace and the limitless expectation to succeed motivate me more than anything else. Now the question is, will I be able to live up to my own expectations?

Every free moment I use to gain knowledge and understanding of my job. I have two goals: to become better at what I do and to make the systems and processes I work with more efficient. I am confident that the BrightTALK team will help me in the pursuit of these goals as I have already received much support from others in the office. Their willingness to help is also a result of the BrightTALK culture. Learning from one another and working together are privileges we enjoy daily. In my short time here I have learned that everyone plays a unique role within the company, but it is in the collaboration between different individuals that truly valuable things come to life.

As the newest member of the BrightTALK San Francisco team, I am excited about my new role as a marketing associate and the amount of knowledge and experience I have had the chance to delve into during my first two weeks on the job. Originally from Sofia, Bulgaria, I recently graduated from Pomona College in Southern California, where I studied English and Spanish and ran an online magazine, which introduced me to the wonders of online marketing. In an upcoming series of posts, I will use my fresh perspective to create a profile of the company and give you a first-hand insight into the unique BrightTALK culture. Follow along as I record my firsts and explore what it means to be a member of the BrightTALK community.

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