Lights, Camera, Action! Highlights from Eloqua Experience

Lights, Camera, Action! Highlights from Eloqua Experience

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Being in marketing has never been more exciting and more challenging. As new members of the Eloqua AppCloud, we set up our camera at Eloqua Experience last week in San Francisco to capture the excitement of hundreds of users and partners of the Eloqua marketing automation platform engaging with dozens of leading industry experts.

In between keynotes by experts on marketing topics such as targeting, engagement, analytics and alignment in relation to marketing automation, we sat down with thought leaders like Steve Woods and DeShelia A. Spann to capture actionable insights for solving the latest challenges facing marketers all over the world so that we could share them with you. Here are some of the highlights:

Content marketing – Content is still king. Take it from B2B content marketer extraordinaire Ardath Albee of Marketing Interactions. It’s all a matter of storytelling. If you break content down into a list of characters, the customer is the hero, the marketing challenge is the villain and the solution you are providing is always the wise mentor or chummy friend who was there every step of the way. A good storyteller knows to put their audience in the driver’s seat, and every whitepaper, webinar, social post should reflect that.

See Ardath speak about storytelling and content marketing >

Social demand generation – Meagen Eisenberg of DocuSign tells BrightTALK that she is seeing real value in integrating her marketing automation and CRM tools with social media. With verified personal information, social profiles offer an even greater layer of big data complexity and accuracy. Furthermore, social data and engagement allow her to personalize her messaging and start conversations with prospects earlier in the buying process.

See Meagen Eisenberg speak about social demand generation >

Predictive buyer analytics – According to Brian Kardon of Lattice Engines, understanding your customers is the key to marketing success. If you can determine what demographics and online activity triggers encourage your prospects to engage with you, you can concentrate your marketing on the prospects who matter most.

See Brian Kardon speak about predictive buyer analytics >

Display advertising – In digital marketing if your website is your most valuable asset, then everyone else’s website is your second most valuable asset. Chris Mann of Bizo points out that it’s not about where you connect with your prospects, but that you are connecting with your prospects on a regular basis and in a way that is convenient for them. (Take Eloqua Experience for example. It’s not so important that you run into your prospects at your booth surrounded by your collateral – just that you did – even if it was while standing in line for food.) With marketing automation you can measure at what points in the buying process your ads were seen and what messages were most effective.

See See Chris Mann speak about display advertising >

Data management – Data is like fuel in your marketing engine. The more clean and full your data tank is, the more efficiently your marketing machine runs. Derek Slayton of NetProspex recommends that your data should be managed closely on a regular basis. This means removing duplicates, appending missing information, and updating old information.  Keeping your database clean allows for stronger audience targeting and improved campaign response rates.

See See Derek Slayton speak about data management >

Tracking marketing spend – With hundreds of technology solutions and lead generation opportunities, it can be difficult to align large and small marketing budgets to corporate goals. Richard Sharp of Allocadia explains that an intelligent marketer goes where the money is and is able align daily activity to the marketing budget therefore saving time and focusing on the most meaningful campaigns.

See Richard Sharp speak about tracking marketing spend >

To see more of the video interviews that were captured during the conference visit the BrightTALK at Eloqua Experience Channel.

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