Live Tweet Your Events Like a Pro

Live Tweet Your Events Like a Pro

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If you have participated in a live webinar recently, you may have noticed the moderator introduce a hashtag at the beginning of the presentation so that you can follow the conversation on Twitter in real time. Twitter’s instant delivery of 140-character blurbs keeps the information sprawl fast-paced for fresh exposure. If you go to Twitter, you can see a conversation unfold between those in the know about the hashtag that elaborates on and responds to the information presented in the webinar. Encouraging this conversation by actively tweeting can expand the reach of the content of the webinar and augment your audience. Twitter users outside of your normal social reach will see the tweets of the people they follow if you infiltrate the conversation with links back to the presentation.

As a webinar presenter or program coordinator, how can you utilize live tweeting to help promote your webinars and other live content? Try these tips:

Preparation. With all of the variables that go into a full presentation, scheduling or live tweeting yourself is nearly impossible. Provide someone in your marketing department with your slide deck a day or two in advance so that they can prepare tweets to submit when the presenter reaches the relevant point in the presentation. You should prepare a tweet for every one to two slides in the presentation.

Standardized, unique hashtag. At the beginning of the presentation, provide your audience with a standardized hashtag to use. Picking an appropriate hashtag is important, as selecting a topic that is too broad (#data) will dilute the conversation. Choose a hashtag that isn’t too long or complicated, yet is specific enough to your presentation that your audience will only be viewing tweets pertaining to your event. It also helps to place the hashtag in the bottom corner of your slides as a reminder or a notice for late-entry participants.

Be concise, yet catchy. You only have 140 characters to get your point across, so you don’t have much space for verbose explanations. Get your point across with a blurb that will catch the reader’s attention but still effectively describe the point you are trying to make. Oftentimes, crucial bullet points from the slide deck or slide titles make great tweets.

Include URL to your event. One of the biggest advantages of live tweeting is picking up live viewers who wouldn’t attend otherwise. Make sure to include a URL to the presentation with your tweets to give people who see your tweets a way to join the presentation.

Live tweeting is one of the most effective ways to use social media to drive audiences to your events. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to interact and engage with your targeted viewers and keep your information top-of-mind and top-of-feed. Happy tweeting!

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