Loyalty, Royalty, and High Tea

Loyalty, Royalty, and High Tea

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Having just celebrated our 10-year anniversary here at BrightTALK, it’s now onto the next anniversary and celebration as those of us in the London office embrace our British-ness, roll out the bunting, pour out the tea and laden the scones with clotted cream in honor of the Queen’s Jubilee.

It’s not often Great Britain gets to celebrate such a long reign; this will only be the second in our monarchy’s history, the last being Queen Victoria in 1897. What is the secret to her leadership and what can businesses and employees learn from the Queen’s success and loyalty to her nation?

‘Leaders are born, not made’

A much used quote and whilst to some extent I agree with this statement, leadership skills can also be honed in on, trained and developed. The Queen embodies several leadership lessons we can learn from and I am confident they do not all stem from her blue-blood. When the Queen’s coronation took place on 2nd June 1953 the world was a different place, even Prince William recently alluded to the fact that for the 25-year-old Queen leading in the male-dominated world must have been no easy feat. Her strong leadership and dedication proved to the nation that laws needed to be changed; only last year it was declared that if William and Kate have a first-born daughter she will be able to succeed the throne. This proves an important lesson: lead by example. In any role in business you have the ability to prove your worth to yourself and to your colleagues. Set the tone in your role and make a difference by setting the right example within your organization to quietly and effectively initiate progress.

Communication as a tradition

Since 1932 our sovereign has delivered the Christmas Message, beginning with radio broadcasting it is now televised and streamed online each year to the public of Great Britain and the Commonwealth nations. Companies should aim to follow traditions such as this, creating a culture of communication where employees can learn about the strategic visions of their organizations. Here at BrightTALK we have monthly office meetings (in each of our offices in San Francisco, London, and New York) as well as quarterly meetings where the whole company is able to join via a live video link and be updated about important strategies, corporate goals and the happenings across the offices and teams. These meetings reinforce the value that strong leadership and vision bring to a company, just as the Queen’s Christmas Message reminds the British public of her leadership.

A wealth of knowledge and experience

Whilst the Queen isn’t formally allowed a political opinion it is clear that she offers a great deal of insight and ongoing support for all our Prime Ministers. Many Prime Ministers past and present have recognized the value-added from her guidance and sharing years of knowledge and wisdom. Training and developing a skilled workforce is key to a strong business, just as William and Kate will coach their offspring to a tee before they take to the throne, businesses need to encourage innovation from their pool of talent and nurture these traits. Talent management is a vital part of any business – young talented staff should be identified, coached, and given the support and opportunities they need to grow, prove themselves, and succeed for the business as they become the next leader.


The Queen has often recognized the support from those around her, from the devotion of Prince Phillip to her team of loyal employees that allow her to dedicate herself and her time to her nation. Mutual loyalty and trust should not be overlooked in businesses. Just as the Queen greets her people on tours across the Commonwealth, within her country and beyond the borders, business leaders need to collaborate with their teams, understanding them and earning their respect and loyalty. It is by following such examples we begin to create longevity in organizations and deliver greatness.

So whilst we enjoy our tea, scones, champagne, and cucumber sandwiches, take a moment to be inspired by this moment and think about how we can make a difference within our own organizations and roles.

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