Making the Most of Q&A Sessions

Making the Most of Q&A Sessions

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You’ve scheduled your webcast, uploaded the final slide deck, completed a quick dry run of your presentation up to the point when you’ve allocated 10 minutes for a question and answer session to complete your webcast with a personal touch. You’re completely ready to go, right? Well, nearly.

The interactive Q&A session is one of the main benefits for both the presenter and the live audience and it might not at first strike you as something that you have to prepare for as a presenter. But if have you ever attended a great presentation and watched as the speaker closes his presentation by saying that he is now ready to take questions, you may have then witnessed the cringe-worthy silence as the audience dawdles with submitting the first question. Some preparation from the presenter can go a long way to help nudge your audience to participate.

We’ve learned that when the audience has listened to the first few questions, this helps to offer them some comfort to begin submitting their own questions and suggestions.

To offer your audience the best possible live webcasting experience, we’d suggest that you prepare two to three questions beforehand as an example. Added to that, your audience will also need time to collect their thoughts and type their questions, so why not fill the waiting time by continuing to share valuable information?

Here are some more helpful tips for making your Q&A sessions stellar:

  • Invite questions from the start of the webcast and let your audience know that you will either be taking them throughout your presentation or at the end depending on your presentation style
  • Focus on the questions that are most relevant to the presentation. Don’t worry about answering all of them during the live presentation. You can always respond via email to questions that are relevant to your expertise, but not to the content of your presentation.
  • Have a moderator follow all of the questions for you and only ask you the most relevant ones

Now, you are ready to present your interactive live webcast!

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