Making Webinars Human Again: Marketing to the IT Professional

Making Webinars Human Again: Marketing to the IT Professional

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There are constant threats and endless problems that IT pros are addressing on a daily basis. Marketers often times steer clear of engaging, humorous and fun content marketing due to the serious nature of the IT profession.

However, if you don’t want to even register for it, your users won’t either.

No doubt you understand the importance of engaging your prospects during a webinar/presentation, as opposed to spewing information for 60 minutes straight.

Professionals, IT pros especially, will turn off your webinar or video if they find it inorganic, insincere and bland.

However, sometimes the tougher concepts, like hackers or security threats, don’t inspire marketers to get creative, which can be such a miss to engage some of the most influential people in a company.

This past year, we found that the top twenty viewed webinars across our IT community averaged 47 minutes of viewership – that’s 10 minutes more than the global average. One of the best ways to further engage your audience is by bringing in the human element of humor into the presentation. Create a personal connection that your viewers remember and affiliate with your brand.

One of the best places to start is the title since it sets the whole package of the presentation. Here are some of our recent favorites for inspiration:

You’re the weakest link, goodbye! (Markit)

Data loss due to human error – Stop the zombie apocalypse (Ipswitch)

Making Vulnerability Management Sexy, Again! (Flexera Software)

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