Marketing to Financial Advisers? Ten Pieces of Content Financial Advisers Watched

Marketing to Financial Advisers? Ten Pieces of Content Financial Advisers Watched

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During the last 2 years, over 5,000 UK financial advisers have joined the Thought Leadership Live Channel, produced by BrightTALK. The audience has watched over 300,000 minutes of content, from webinars and videos presented in the channel by members of the financial community and industry experts. The titles of the top ten most popular pieces of content are;

  1. The Secrets to Leverage LinkedIn – What every IFA Needs to Know (Philip Calvert, IFA Life)
  2. Adviser Live – The Internet & Social Media (Host: Philip Calvert, IFA Life)
  3. Overcoming Your Reluctance to Ask for Referrals (Matt Anderson, The Referral Authority)
  4. A Unique Approach to Working with Professional Connections (Brett Davidson, FP Advance)
  5. From Free to Fee: Adviser Charging – A Crisis of Confidence? (Steve Billingham, Steve Billingham Consulting Ltd.)
  6. Top 10 Habits for Getting Things Done (Steve Billingham, Steve Billingham Consulting Ltd.)
  7. Mastering The Key to Referrals: The Specific Referral Request (Matt Anderson, The Referral Authority Ltd.)
  8. Fearless Referrals from Centres of Influence (Matt Anderson, The Referral Authority)
  9. Fixed Income Sector Review (Peter Toogood and Gillian Hutchison, OBSR)
  10. Prioritising for Profit – Essential Time Management Strategies (Clare Evans, Personal & Business Coach, Time Management)

The list shows there is a strong appetite for content that will help financial advisers grow and develop their business. The top two webinars are testament to the fact that social media is going to be used as a business development tool going forward. Twitter, particularly in the UK, has become a giant water cooler where financial advisers congregate and share opinions. Pete Matthew, an adviser based in Penzance at the southern tip of England, has been a pioneer in using video and social media. When a new client called from outside of his immediate geographic area and said, “I’ve watched your videos, I feel I know you already, I want to invest with you,” he knew that what he was doing was working.

Providers who are looking to communicate with financial advisers should recognize what content the advisers are looking for. The responses of the Thought Leadership Live audience has shown that advisers are not looking for product pitches but solid content that will help solve problems. Advisers especially value the opinion of and like to hear and learn from their peers. They are pretty cynical of people who haven’t walked in their shoes. There was a recent Twitter post from a UK financial adviser that in no uncertain terms stated, “Would everyone out there telling financial advisers what to do and how to do it please eff off.” Advisers are apt to cast a jaundiced eye at communications from providers and it’s important to be objective.

Philip Calvert, the founder of the popular adviser site recently wrote, “We have noticed some fascinating trends in the way IFAs respond to advertisers.” Whilst banners have been the most popular choice with advertisers, content is proving a much more effective tool to generate engagement. “With big changes for IFAs on the horizon, quality material that helps them to prepare and thrive after RDR has huge appeal.”

Advisers don’t really worry that much about asset managers, your company or your product. They care about themselves and are preoccupied solving their own problems. Help advisers answer some of their questions and perhaps they will then consider you for products and solutions. AXA Wealth has been careful in creating solid, objective content for advisers and has created informative video that focuses on solving some of these problems. This type of content generates real conversations and true engagement.

The fourth most popular webinar covered the subject of professional connections. This was a topic that JPMorgan Asset Management had investigated. The asset manager sponsored a comprehensive professional connections report that defined the opportunities and approaches available to financial advisers. JPMorgan used these findings and also integrated other industry influencers into the content production and presented real solutions that were useful to financial advisers. They created an attractive landing page with a promotional video and made the content easily shareable extending the content’s reach.

For sure, asset managers will still have to give regular portfolio manager and investment product updates. However, asset managers can look at other ways they can help financial advisers. Have you areas of strength where you can specifically help? Can your legal team help advisers interpret new legislation for example? It’s still the wild wild west of the Web when it comes to social media in financial services and there is land out there for the taking. Asset managers putting the resources in place to develop content marketing strategies will have the advantage in the future.

Eamonn Conway has previously created video for CBS TV, advertising agencies, and US political campaigns. As Creative Director at BrightTALK, he’s helping blue chip financial clients improve their content marketing. You can find him on Twitter: @Eamonn_Conway with @tllive

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