Mastering Customer Marketing? Insiders Share Their Secrets

Mastering Customer Marketing? Insiders Share Their Secrets

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With the rise of the subscription economy, the focus on the customer has become a top priority for many organizations. Customer success has emerged as an increasingly important business function, and customer marketing has become a key investment not just for marketing and sales, but for organizations as a whole.

Since this is a function many marketers are still trying to fully implement, we brought together experts from SiriusDecisions, VentureBeat and more at our Customer Marketing Summit. They covered a wide range of topics involving customer marketing, including gamification, personalization, and mobile engagement.

We encourage you to browse all the sessions on demand, but in the meantime we’d like to share our top three takeaways from the event.

Marketers have found new ways of turning their customers into advocates.

Traditionally, B2B marketers used their customers’ success stories to create late-stage case studies. While these testimonials are still important, savvy marketers are now using a variety of methods to leverage advocacy and generate demand. These tactics include product reviews, customer advisory boards, social promotions, and more, according to SiriusDecisions’ Bob Peterson.

There’s a colossal disconnect between what consumers want and what marketers provide.

According to Edelman’s Brandshare study, 87% of consumers are looking for a more meaningful relationship with brands, but only 6% of marketers believe they know how to create one. How can marketers bridge this gap? Start by ditching the word “consumer” altogether, suggests Rebekah Mackay Miller of trnd. Instead, realize your buyers are people who want long-term, personalized experiences with brands — and offer that to them.

Personalization is key.

Marketing isn’t just about the message or the campaign; it’s all about the customer. And today’s customers expect personalized messages and experiences. According to Andrew Jones of VentureBeat, “Over 50% of marketers have seen at least some increase in their KPIs by employing some form of personalization.” Not sure when or where to personalize? Try these top channels: email (80%), social media (42%), and landing pages (37%).

Missed the live sessions? Not a problem! These and other customer marketing insights are now available on demand.

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