Never Forget a Piece of Content Again

Never Forget a Piece of Content Again

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There’s nothing worse than enjoying a great piece of content, clicking away and forgetting where you found it. Having invested your time in listening to an expert share their valuable knowledge and insight, you want to hang on to it!

BrightTALK is pleased to announce the launch of its viewing history feature.

Never lose a piece of content on BrightTALK again! No matter how much content you consume, you can access a complete feed of webinars and videos that you have watched on BrightTALK straight from your My BrightTALK page.

The viewing history allows you to quickly and easily revisit content and share it with your peers. The feed not only features webinars and videos watched on BrightTALK, but also includes content watched on external websites through a BrightTALK embeddable player.

Check out your viewing history now.


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