No More Spreadsheets! Get Your Leads in the BrightTALK Channel for More Efficient Nurturing Campaigns

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As marketers become savvier at attracting and nurturing the right audiences, adopting strategic technologies that automate lead delivery and reporting and integrate with marketing automation and CRM platforms is increasingly important.

The era of emailing spreadsheets is over! BrightTALK channel owners can now access leads directly in their channels and differentiate between paid and organic audiences.

Keyword, summit, and content leads are marked as “BrightTALK paid” and carry information about their context and engagement score in self-service reports generated within the channel.

Once in the channel, paid leads become part of the channel’s audience and start receiving information about content from the channel in their weekly updates and knowledge feeds.

Profile data about purchased leads delivered in the channel is automatically transferred to marketing automation and CRM platforms via BrightTALK connectors, allowing marketers to streamline nurturing campaigns.

We currently offer connectors to Salesforce, EloquaMarketo, HubSpot, and Pardot and are rapidly expanding our data capabilities. Stay tuned!

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