An Ode to Women’s History Month – And Those Blazing Trails in Tech

An Ode to Women’s History Month – And Those Blazing Trails in Tech

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There’s been a lot of buzz lately around women’s rights, equal pay, and a day without women, especially given the current political environment. As Women’s History Month comes to an end, we thought it was the perfect time to highlight some of the most inspiring women working in tech today and pay homage to their contributions – the BrightTALK way.

We recently launched an online Women in Tech community and content series on BrightTALK. From working in high-tech industries and with thought leaders and professionals around the world who specialize in technology (think cloud computing, IT security, IoT, etc.), one thing we’ve noticed is that these fields are highly male dominated (I know, you’re just as surprised as we were).

So how can we make moves to equalize that imbalance? How can we highlight the women that are in the trenches each day, running their own companies or consulting firms, leading executive teams at startups, or investing in up-and-coming companies in Silicon Valley?

Step 1: Talk about it

What better way to bring more voice and awareness to these people and organizations than by publishing them on a global, easily accessible platform? More than 5 million professionals around the world use BrightTALK to keep ahead of trends and news in their industry – and a large segment of that audience works in the tech sector themselves.

Women in Tech series

Step 2: Create a community

As human beings, we are hardwired to belong. It’s in our DNA to want to be a part of certain circles; be it family, friend groups, communities (online or otherwise), or teams. We are collaborators by nature. We need to be able to have open and honest conversations in a safe space to learn and grow together. We see this reflected in our Women in Tech community, which has gained more than 3,000 active members in just the past five months.

Step 3: Connect with community evangelists

There are so many amazing women out there who are trailblazing the tech industry — across all job levels — that don’t get the recognition they deserve. We want to hear your story!

From people like Michelle Glauser who helped start the #ILookLikeAnEngineer campaign, to Jeanne Morain who helped bring HPE’s Business Service Management product to market, it’s these women who are paving the way for the next generation of women in technology.

We recently had our most successful webinar to date in the series: a presentation from Marie Perruchet, author of One Perfect Pitch and speaker at this year’s Watermark Conference in Silicon Valley.

She had a universal message – how to create a story that sells. How do we sell ourselves, our products, our companies? How do we have the confidence to prove our knowledge, expertise, and skillset? It all boils down to storytelling, and over 500 professionals joined the conversation to learn how to tell better stories together.

At BrightTALK, we try to ensure that everything we do, say, and act on is rooted in our core values. I like to think that the Women in Tech series encompasses all of these, and hopefully we can continue to inspire, motivate, and recruit some of the top women in today’s workplaces who want to be heard!

Learn more about BrightTALK’s Women in Tech community in this short video. Interested in becoming a speaker? Fill out our form to share your story on BrightTALK.

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