One Engagement Marketing Platform

One Engagement Marketing Platform

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Inspired by the popular December holiday song, we present to you the 12 days of webinars and videos. In the next 12 posts we’ll be sharing with you highlights from 2012, tips and best practices that we’ve learned from producing hundreds of webinars and videos, and insights into the company that has made it possible. 

Knowing the number of impressions your banner ad receives and the number of downloads a white paper obtains is a great way to understand your reach, but it’s only the start of understanding who is interested in speaking with your sales team. Identifying who has taken the time to view your videos and attend your webinars is the next step, but the real clue to who is sales-ready comes in determining who has consumed content over time and, better yet, who has engaged with your content.

Engagement can come in many forms. It could be an answer to a survey, a question asked of a presenter or a piece of feedback given. It could also be participation in a poll. All of these activities demonstrate a certain amount of interest and give marketers data to determine what qualifies as a lead. It’s the start of the sales conversation before sales even picks up the phone or clicks send on an email.

It’s easy for all of these activities to end up siloed in different tools, but the BrightTALK Channel captures all of them in one engagement platform. In addition to facilitating the creation of webinars and videos, it streamlines reporting by documenting webinars and videos viewed, viewing duration, and attachments downloaded as well as responses to votes and questions in one place. This enables marketers to see a comprehensive activity profile of a prospect and figure out who is most engaged.

The next step is to get those profiles into the hands of your sales team, so that they can continue the conversation. Creating a lead scoring system and integrating your BrightTALK Channel with your customer relationship management (CRM) system can facilitate this process and get leads to your sales team faster. That will make your sales team happy and generate revenue for your business.

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