Online Event Content Types

Online Event Content Types

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Webcast, webinar, web conference – whatever you want to call them – online events bring together someone who knows something about something and people who are interested in that.  The exact exchange of knowledge and people who are involved depends on the type of content being presented.

Here are some common types of content:

Visionary: These strategic presentations come from senior executives and target a similar high-level audience with a peer-to-peer conversation by describing the future of an industry, disruptive technologies, and the company’s vision.

Examples of visionary webcasts from the Virtualized Data Center Summit:

Technical: These more tactical presentations describe problems and challenges, then present solutions.  The presenters could be end-users presenting case studies, internal IT department members showing their own use of products and services, or a technical expert/evangelist.

Example of a technical webcast from the Virtualized Data Center Summit:

Product: Product presentations target professionals already in the consideration phase of buying cycle.  They might compare features of one solution to another or give top reasons others choose those products/services without sounding like a commercial.  They are often presented with an industry analyst for added credibility.

Examples of product webcasts from the Virtualized Data Center Summit:

When picking which type of content you want to use it helps to think through the target audience you want to reach and their interests. Then, develop a content marketing plan to reach that audience. Often a variety of styles works well.

Which one are you going to try for your next event?

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