Optimizing Your Content Schedule

Optimizing Your Content Schedule

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Building a strong relationship requires frequent attention and nurturing. Creating and sharing educational information is a great way to build trust and establish a connection with your new prospects. However, producing engaging material regularly can be a time consuming process. How do you adopt a manageable cadence for releasing your thought leadership content for maximum effect?

In Creating a Marketing Narrative that Drives Sales, Mike Vizard, James Miller, and Simon Gerzina discuss the benefits of producing a plan for your content releases. A consistent release of information helps your audience recognize and contextualize your messages and look forward to your next piece of content. Monthly or weekly cadences tend to work best. Bombarding your audience with multiple pieces of content over a short period of time will annoy them, but not reaching out often will let them forget you. Maintaining a steady pace will enable your audience to integrate viewing your information into their routine, encouraging them to engage with more material over an extended period of time.

An effective approach is to stagger releases and break large publications down into a bite-sized series that can be easily consumed by your audience at their leisure. A white paper, for instance, can be broken down into sections and posted as blog articles, or a webcast can be cut into short videos with a consistent intro and outro. Plan to repurpose content as part of your schedule to increase efficiency and give your audience the chance to consume content in their preferred format.

BrightTALK helps users create a consistent and engaging content schedule for webcasts. BrightTALK provides insight into how your audience is engaging to help you optimize when you should schedule your webcasts and how long your presentations should be and makes it easy to target your upcoming webcast promotions at those who have already attended your webcasts. On-demand email reminders can also be sent to those who registered to view content but missed the live recording. The BrightTALK platform makes it easy for your audience to view your webcasts by offering single registration and one-click access to your past and future content whether your audience is viewing your content on BrightTALK or from an embedded player on your website.

You can tell you have effectively demonstrated your expertise when your audience actively seeks out your opinion as a thought leader. Using webcasts as part of your content strategy can help you understand who is most interested in your material and determine who to follow up with to turn your content into a demand generation machine.

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