Prioritizing Prospects with Webinar Lead Scoring

Prioritizing Prospects with Webinar Lead Scoring

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It’s no secret that webinars are one of the most effective lead gen tactics. With live and on-demand availability, they attract large audiences and capture in-depth insights on viewers as they engage with your presentation.

However, not all registrants and attendees are the same when it comes to how they demonstrate interest in your subject and company. For example, you could have one person who registers for the event but never ends up viewing. You could also have someone who actively participates in surveys, asks questions, and leaves feedback.

The question is, how do you prioritize those highly engaged contacts to ensure your sales team’s time is being used efficiently?

The answer? Lead scoring.

Webinars represent a special piece of your lead scoring puzzle. With the immense amount of rich engagement data collected, they also include their own set of rules for how they should be scored in your marketing automation platform.

Unfamiliar with integrating webinars and lead scoring? Keep reading for an overview of the basics and more resources on incorporating webinars into your lead scoring model.

Lead scoring factors are typically split into two categories: demographic and behavioral. Within these categories, there are webinar-specific positive and negative triggers than can add to or detract from a prospect’s score.

Demographic. Demographic data is provided by your audience through the registration form they fill out while signing up for your webinar and includes basic information like company, region and job title. Rank each of these demographic categories depending on your target buyers.

  • Key demographic components include:
  • Job title
  • Company size
  • Region
  • Industry and sub-industry
  • Job level
  • Job function

Behavioral. Your prospects leave a digital footprint throughout the buyer’s journey. Their behaviors provide a plethora of new data in addition to their demographics from the forms. These behaviors will also be either positive or negative and do not all have an equal value.

Key behavioral components include:

Positive scoring

  • Viewed webinar or video
  • Provided rating or feedback
  • Participated in poll(s)
  • Downloaded attachment(s)
  • Asked question(s)
  • Visited product pages

Negative scoring

  • Unsubscribed
  • No activity (for predetermined period of time)
  • Visited careers page
  • Indicated they weren’t interested when called by sales

The combination of this data, when automatically synced and scored in your marketing automation or CRM system, will identify which prospects your sales team should prioritize for immediate follow up.

To learn more about lead scoring for webinars, including example scoring breakdowns, download our complete guide.

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