Product Update: Demand Central

Trent Warrick
Content Marketing Manager
October 2, 2018

Q3 was an exciting quarter for BrightTALK. We launched our new homepage and that’s helping us accelerate user growth. We added hot topic pagesthat are popular with our 7M users and customers who want to create content that hits the mark. Our investments in advanced machine learning continue. Ada – our AI-powered knowledge advisor – is now better than ever at connecting your content to your ideal audience, at the right time

This quarter, we’re excited to announce the launch of Demand Central. The first platform of its kind, it will transform how marketers acquire and inspire their ideal audiences with webinars, webcam talks and videos. It provides instant, self-service access to over 7M professionals who are discovering new technologies and learning from experts on BrightTALK.

By publishing new and existing content in your BrightTALK Channel, you earn meaningful engagement that results in sales-ready leads. This impact can be amplified by creating lead campaigns around your content, to get more buyers watching the content you’re already producing.

Demand Central is the new home where you create and manage your BrightTALK campaigns. It brings an improved level of visibility and control to promote your webinars, webcam panels, and videos on BrightTALK. Real time, self-service campaign management gives you more power to drive program success and connect your BrightTALK Channels to your marketing platform in minutes.

Create your Content Lead campaigns

Get more buyers watching your webinars, webcam talks and videos. Content Lead campaigns are designed to boost your engagement and demand. Our AI-powered knowledge advisor Ada recommends your content to your ideal audience as they research solutions on BrightTALK. You hold the keys and control all the parameters of your Content Lead campaign. To get started, simply give your campaign a name, set a budget, and start date.

At a glance see exactly how all your campaigns are progressing. Campaign performance monitoring throughout allows you to stay agile, and aware of what works with your ideal audience.  

Pick your target audience

Powerful filters allow you to focus on just the professionals you are looking for. Including region, industry, company size, and professional level demographics of the decision makers engaging with content on BrightTALK.

Set your budget

Real-time forecasting of your campaigns allow you to see exactly how your budget, filters, and content interact. Naturally, the bigger your budget, the higher the overall number of leads we can deliver.

Select your content

Select existing content from your channel to promote, and align your content expectations with your editorial calendar. The more content you add, the more quickly we can deliver your leads. Live content performs best, so keep that in mind! On that note, we just released the replay feature to make it easy for you to re-run your best webinars, webcam talks and videos.

Manage Summit Lead campaigns

Summit Lead campaigns increase your market presence and inspire your ideal audience. Every month over 30,000 attendees attend our online summits to discover new technologies and learn about the latest insights in their space. You can now see the progress of your Summit Lead campaigns and download detailed reports with context of how you acquired them.

Marketing automation platform connectors

New connectors make it easy and hassle free to integrate with your marketing automation platform in minutes. Demand Central integrates seamlessly with your preferred CRM or marketing automation platform, your leads will directly populate for contextual follow up or seamless handoff to your sales team.

What’s next? Account Insights and Intent Leads. If you want to learn more about that, you’ll just have to sign up to join our Marketing Visionaries customer panel! Get a first view at new products and exclusive invitations to speaking or advocacy opportunities.

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