Promoting Your Webinars via Social Media

Promoting Your Webinars via Social Media

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Posting your content to social media networks is one of many ways to promote your content. Any one post may not drive many registrations, but posting to a variety of sites can augment your audience and extend your reach to people who may not otherwise find your content. Please find below a chronological guide to promoting your presentation on social media networks.

Pre-event promotion


Tweet 2-3 times per week during the month leading up to your event. Your tweets should include a catchy phrase or title, the handle (@BrightTALK) of the presenters and their companies, the date and time of the event and the URL to your presentation. You can also set up formulas to automate your tweets, but try to also include some non-formulaic tweets as well in your Twitter stream.


If you have a corporate page, post a link to your webinar with a description, date and URL once a week for the month leading up to your event.


Find LinkedIn groups with professionals relevant to the content you will be presenting and post a discussion in these groups describing your webinar. Use the presentation title as the title of your post, for example, “How to be a Presentation God | Free webinar April 18th.” Another good title of a post is a question that the presentation will answer. In the body of the post include a description of the webinar, a few main bullet points and a URL to the webinar. Always review the group guidelines before posting and make sure that you follow them. Post once or twice total in each of these groups, as it is important to not spam and irk other group members.

Live promotion

Tweet live during your presentation to capture additional viewers and extend the reach of your content.

On-demand promotion

Follow the steps for pre-promotion, but replace the date with “Now available on demand.”

How else do you promote your webinars and videos?

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