Prompt Repeat Engagement from the Start

Prompt Repeat Engagement from the Start

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Content marketers strive to get their webinars and videos in front of as many people in their target audience as possible. However, there is no need to stop after the first viewing. Enable your audience to watch or register for multiple pieces of content easily with one of our latest engagement releases: the registration confirmation pane.

The new registration confirmation pane promotes your webinars and videos at a crucial point of engagement – when your audience has just registered to attend your content.

Revised confirmation pane for all of our 70,000+ monthly registrants on the portal promoting the last recorded and next upcoming presentation in the channel:


Forget requiring viewers to complete separate registration forms for each piece of content they consume. BrightTALK’s single sign on feature enables viewers to easily subscribe for multiple pieces of content with the click of a button.

The registration confirmation pane also prompts the viewer to add your content to their calendar, improving your conversion from registrations to live viewers.

By prompting viewers to consume additional content and attend your event live, you can create stronger and more engaging relationships with your audience, leading to better conversations and warmer leads for your sales team.

The registration confirmation pane is just one of our new features that make it easier to engage your audience. Find out more about our other releases.

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