Q1 BrightTALK Updates: Channel Insights & Content Creation Are Now All in One Easy Place

Q1 BrightTALK Updates: Channel Insights & Content Creation Are Now All in One Easy Place

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Having real-time, key insights into your marketing efforts amplifies the success of your strategy. That’s why our Channel Experience team has completely redesigned the BrightTALK Channel Dashboard to help marketers like you easily digest the impact of your video and webinar programs.

Here are the 3 biggest questions you’ll be able to quickly answer with the new channel dashboard:

1) What’s happening with your content?

The new dashboard displays your content – upcoming, live and on-demand. The layout prioritizes your most recent content so you can easily promote and manage your latest content and drive the most impact.

2) Is your audience engaging with you?

One of our favorite features on the new dashboard is the quick visibility into which content pieces are gaining the most traffic vs. those that might need a bit more attention. Audience activity insight indicates whether your content is resonating with your audience.

Here you’ll be able to identify:

  • What’s driving the most traffic
  • Which pieces might need more promotional support
  • Key trends to drive higher live viewership


3) Are you getting the most out of your channel?

While channels provide numerous benefits to engage and influence the buyer’s journey, not everyone takes full advantage of all of the features that improve the experience for the user. Here are some simple tips for driving more audience to your content:

  • Attract more organic traffic to your programs by tagging into communities. BrightTALK Channels that are tagged into one (or more) of our 81 professional communities grow their channel subscribers by 10-30% more than channels not included in communities. Email your customer success manager to find out more.
  • Maximize engagement with fewer headaches. Understand which BrightTALK automated emails you’re leveraging for content promotion and then configure them to meet your needs. Professionals who have viewed five pieces of content respond to promotional emails up to 7x better than those who have only viewed one – let us help you nurture your audience.
  • Embed your video and webinar channel across the web to increase traffic with less work. We’ve seen a 17% increase of users embedding their BrightTALK Channel across their web domains. Using an embed allows you to drive audience directly to your site, where they can explore your solutions firsthand.




Big shout out to Nicola Pietroluongo and the rest of the Channels Experience Team for helping us reimagine the channel manager’s experience. Let us know what you think on Twitter at @BrightTALK.




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