Q1 BrightTALK Updates: Double Your Content Exposure with BrightTALK’s New HTML5 Embed

Q1 BrightTALK Updates: Double Your Content Exposure with BrightTALK’s New HTML5 Embed

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How are you leveraging your website to convert anonymous traffic into qualified leads?

With BrightTALK’s new HTML5 channel embed, you can host all of your webinar and video content directly on your website and simultaneously run webinars on BrightTALK – giving you twice the exposure with less work. You’ll be able to generate more leads while providing a completely branded experience to your prospects.

The new embed supports all upcoming, live and recorded content and is fully mobile responsive, optimizing the experience to the screen size no matter the device your audience is viewing from.

By driving viewers to your site to watch your webinars and videos, you have the opportunity to showcase your content, branding, messaging and solutions to your top prospects — all in one place.

In addition to the functional upgrades for marketers, the improved user experience encourages more audience interactions during events and re-engagement across the live and on-demand content in your channel.

Attendees can further engage with your content (and boost their lead scores) by asking questions, participating in votes, leaving feedback, and downloading attachments right from your website. Our new streamlined registration forms also improve conversion rates and draw more attendees to your webinars and videos.

To see the full embed experience, head over to the BrightTALK Academy. You can see a preview of the new HTML5 embed below, along with a shot of the older embed.

Email your customer success manager today to improve your prospect and customer experience:customersuccess.team@brighttalk.com.

New embed


Old embed


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