Q1 BrightTALK Updates: Increase Content Engagement with “Watch Later” Lists

Q1 BrightTALK Updates: Increase Content Engagement with “Watch Later” Lists

Between deadlines, projects, continuously shifting needs and random emergencies, professionals are stretched for bandwidth. These are just some of the reasons why just 36.8% of your webinar registrants view your presentation live (Webinar Benchmarks Report).

While that may seem discouraging, there is good news: We’ve found that making your webinar available online after the live session significantly helps to generate more leads long after you’ve put the effort in.

With this in mind, we made it easier for your audience to save interesting presentations for later viewing and access them at their convenience.

Every public webinar and video on BrightTALK is now equipped with a new, one-click “watch later” button. All presentations saved by viewers will appear in their personal “watch later” list, accessible from their profile menu on any device.

Our 2016 Webinar Benchmarks Report revealed that you only receive 31% of your total viewership within 10 days of the live event. Webinars are a phenomenal source of lead generation due to their long-tail lead gen capabilities. These playlists will help professionals engage with your content even more.

Saving presentations to watch later is yet another powerful interest signal that we can use to improve the recommendations we serve to the professionals on BrightTALK. As marketers, you can also use this new engagement feature as an indication of your prospects’ interest and intent. As adoption grows and watch later becomes a mainstream feature on BrightTALK, we will consider the best ways for exposing it in channels and connectors.

By saving the presentations that pique their interest and revisiting them at their convenience, your target audiences have increased opportunities for new and repeat engagement with your content.

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