Q2 BrightTALK Updates: Run Sleeker Webinars on the New BrightTALK HTML5 Player

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Offering a clear and intuitive user experience is of key importance to all marketers. The success of your content goes hand in hand with how easy it is for your audience to consume.

With this in mind, we’re excited to unveil our new HTML5 player, designed to help you create engaging, world-class viewing experiences for your audience. Built with interactive and mobile friendly features, the new player helps you engage your audience wherever they are.

The updated player allows you to highlight live, on-demand, and upcoming content in your channel, with multiple resolution options to support high-quality viewing.

The improved user experience encourages audience members to ask questions, download attachments, and give ratings and feedback during live events, creating a more meaningful experience for both audiences and content marketers.

The valuable insights captured during live events can then be automatically pushed into your CRM or marketing automation platform for quicker sales follow up.

You can get a look at the new player below or by registering for an upcoming webinar on the BrightTALK Academy to get the full experience.

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