Reach Prospects Faster with the New BrightTALK HubSpot Connector

Reach Prospects Faster with the New BrightTALK HubSpot Connector

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Marketing and sales can further optimize performance and accelerate prospects through the sales cycle with the brand new BrightTALK HubSpot connector.

The connector equips marketers with a deeper understanding of prospects and their behaviors by pushing the latest data from BrightTALK into HubSpot, including webinar engagement, demographics, and survey responses.

The connector transfers the rich data hourly, providing sales quick access to leads so they can follow up on the most engaged prospects right away. The Harvard Business Review found that companies who reach out to leads within an hour of receiving an inquiry are nearly 7 times more likely to qualify them — which makes immediate follow up critical.

The BrightTALK HubSpot connector enables marketers to effortlessly:

  • Automate campaigns. Save time by automating tedious but necessary manual tasks, like uploading leads into HubSpot.
  • Score, nurture, and assign leads. Enable your sales team to respond rapidly to the buying behaviors of your audience to close business faster.
  • Improve webinar promotions. Evaluate the effectiveness of your promotions by setting up UTM parameters to track lead sources.
  • Track ROI. Get unique insight into your webinar programs to easily analyze and justify your marketing program spend.

“The BrightTALK HubSpot connector gives us quick visibility into how our leads are performing so we can increase lead quality with our content,” said Martin Johnson, Senior Director of Marketing and Demand Generation at Elastica. “We also see the most up-to-date data about our leads, which helps us track conversion.”

The simple self-service set up eliminates the need for system integrators or a multi-month deployment process. Set up the connector once, and it will sync previous contacts and all future audience activity in your BrightTALK Channel.

“Marketers today need a simple way to generate highly engaged leads, and sales teams need deeper insights into these prospects in order to shorten the sales cycle,” said Mark Geene, co-founder and CEO of Cloud Elements. “BrightTALK’s HubSpot connector makes it easy to do both.”

For more information on how to get started with the connector, contact your customer success manager.

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