Repurposing Content: Give Your Content the Exposure It Deserves

Repurposing Content: Give Your Content the Exposure It Deserves

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BrightTALKThe content created for events, such as tradeshows, seminars, road shows, and conferences, no longer needs to remain in the physical space. This valuable content can be repurposed into digital assets, such as webinars, blog articles, white papers and videos, that are accessible to a larger audience. They can also be optimized for search and shared across social networks to drive traffic to your website.

A poll from a recent webinar, Creating a Marketing Narrative that Drives Sales, revealed that roughly one third of the respondents (34%) participated in physical events without capturing digital content for re-use. In addition to the content brought to a physical conference, physical events provide the opportunity to capture a wealth of information including video, interviews, photos and PowerPoint slides.

At last month’s Morningstar Investment Conference, for example, BrightTALK captured video interviews with some of the leading portfolio managers in the industry. These interviews discussed industry trends and predictions, such as currencies and the US dollar, asset allocation and emerging markets and gold . Our team edited the footage and created widgets to enable the portfolio managers to embed the content on their website. Capturing a brief, yet professionally edited video enabled them to expand their reach to an audience that might not have been able to attend due to geographic or financial barriers and it provided them with both rich and timely content to market to their audience.

By leveraging content from physical events, marketers have the opportunity to extend the reach of their content. They also give your audience the option to access content in the format they prefer. By having it easily accessible and in a range of formats, sales people can share it during their conversations with potential clients and marketers can distribute it to nurture potential leads. It is also possible to record tracking data as buyers engage with the content.

BrightTALKHaving taken the time to create compelling content, it is important to make sure it gets maximum exposure. By repurposing content, marketers are becoming more efficient at leveraging high quality content and distributing it to larger audiences.

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