REWARD: Robust Content Strategies

REWARD: Robust Content Strategies

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“Are you increasing the use of webinars and videos in your content mix?” asked Val-Pierre Genton in his webinar, “Engaging the Digital Buyer with Webinar and Video Content,” this morning. The replies?

A whopping 3% of respondents said no, while the other 97% of the audience responded with a yes (74%) or maybe (23%). It wasn’t surprising that a group of marketers, attending a webinar about webinars, were planning on increasing their use of webinars; what was surprising was the audience’s answer to Genton’s next question…

Drawing on his work with over 500 senior marketers, Genton discussed the content marketing strategies and best practices he had seen rise above the rest. He highlighted the importance of:

  • Profiling your target audience and creating buyer personas
  • Defining the unique messaging each type of buyer needs to hear at each stage of the buying cycle
  • Identifying content requirements for communicating this messaging
  • Mapping content to appropriate phases of the buyer cycle
  • Maintaining visual calendars of awareness and demand generation programs

As he began discussing the above, Genton launched another vote asking attendees if they had a content strategy like this in place – the response? Less than 25% of respondents claimed to be executing on a similar content strategy.

Most organizations have realized the value of content marketing by now, and many are scaling their programs to be quite immense. By investing in robust content strategies for these programs, marketers can provide their organization a true sense of direction, pave the way for effective delivery, and claim the rewards.

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