The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Connecting the Right Person with the Right Content at the Right Time

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BrightTALK sits on a lot of data. Millions of professionals learn and grow from trusted experts on BrightTALK, for free. This represents millions of data points across thousands of streaming content engagements and live interactions between the professionals who have knowledge and those who need it.

It’s both humbling and inspiring to see such deep engagement levels in an age where attention deficit disorder and snack-sized content are turning the human brain into a quick fix factory. As with many successes, it has not been an easy journey to get here and we have a long way to go.

Over the next few minutes, I will share how BrightTALK harnesses the power of advanced machine learning (aka AI) to innovate how professionals discover content and solve pressing business challenges.

Human Bias

For many years, we connected the right professional with the right content the conventional way: a website with rigid content structures and a content menu that was the only way for viewers to access the knowledge they sought. And then there were the ‘targeted’ e-mails sent to a clean, well segmented database: they would arrive in the users’ inbox like an overzealous date, desperate to please, missing the mark often.

There’s simply no way that any human can second guess what another human needs at any given time, at scale.

The challenge? Human bias. Even with ‘personalization’ and excellent database segmentation and targeting, there’s simply no way that one human can know what another human needs at any given time, at scale.

Marketing technologies are available for us to automate one-to-many communications and engagements, but their intelligence is pre-defined by nurture streams that are full of human assumptions. Sometimes they’re right, but oftentimes they lack the true insight available from big data.

Innovation with Artificial Intelligence

The privilege we have at BrightTALK is to leverage our many data points across the millions of professionals learning and growing from trusted experts on BrightTALK to accurately target and engage users. So, we developed proprietary advanced machine learning algorithms and tested a variety of AI technologies until we had a formula that worked.

Turns out, AI is a solution waiting for a problem.

When we A/B tested the recommendations that were being made by our intelligent engine vs. our traditional approach, we saw triple digit improvements. Now that we’ve rolled this innovation out fully, we continue to see an unprecedented scale of conversions and re-engagement. What’s more, it keeps getting better!

The more we know about what our users and their peers are learning about, the better our recommendations become. And as we continue to fine-tune the engine, more often than not, we’re connecting the right professional, with the right content, at the right time.

YouTube and Netflix have successfully deployed these methods in the consumer space. Now BrightTALK is applying them to business and it’s working. Turns out, AI is a solution waiting for a problem.

Users aside, another important beneficiary of these developments are our customers, experts and partners, whom we can empower to better find and motivate buyers and influencers on BrightTALK’s content marketing platform.

As one of the founders of the IAB’s B2B Council in the UK, I have seen too many B2B marketing, sales and business leaders burned by online advertising fraud and low-quality demand providers. I’m especially proud when our customers attribute more revenue to campaigns because of the accurate targeting and engagement of their their ideal audience on BrightTALK.

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