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Trent Warrick
Senior Digital Marketing Manager
November 29, 2018

Once, an arcane term, search engine optimization has entered the mainstream and is extremely widely known. No longer optional, SEO is now baked into the way people think about web content. Search engines like Google use an algorithm to rank all the content on the web that it has indexed. With the exponential growth of internet content, this functionality has been essential to making this navigable and usable. When you search on Google, the content most likely to be relevant to your search, or at least most optimized to appear so, will be ranked highest. Many factors go into this ranking, including page titles, page content, and metadata (the descriptive content that is specifically created for search engines). All search engines offer paid search placement, to allow businesses to boost their rankings to improve their placement. SEO is both a means to supplement and reduce the need for paid search placements.</span>

Search on BrightTALK

Similarly, there are over 76,000 webinars and videos on BrightTALK, making search an essential tool for users to find the content and Channels they are looking for. Also similar, BrightTALK uses numerous factors in finding the best content for our 7M+ users. Below we'll go into the individual factors that contribute to this placement, and contribute to gaining viewership. Search on BrightTALK is powered by Ada, our AI-powered Knowledge expert. She processes millions of data points to find and suggest the right content to the right audiences at the right time.

Types of search on BrightTALK

Search on BrightTALK comes in two flavors, search for Individual pieces of content, and search for Channels producing content. Users engage with both aggressively, often initially searching for content on a topic, then searching for thought leaders who produce quality content on the theme they are interested in.

Objectives of SEO

On the surface, the most pressing objective with optimizing your content for search, is increasing your viewership. Getting more eyes on your webinars and videos. Viewing a live webinar or video on BrightTALK is easily one of the highest levels of buying intent among all forms of engagement.  More views = More conversions, and more sales. Equally or potentially more important, engaging the right audience with your content should also be key in your efforts. Making sure that your efforts are focused on your ideal audience and the viewers that are likely to convert, is essential to being efficient. Your titles, images, and metadata should all be planned with this in mind. You are seeking quality traffic of individuals who are looking for content relevant to your business. After all, what's the use of a view, if they aren't truly interested in your content, or furthermore, your products and services?

‍What components matter

As a Brighttalk Content creator, you should feel empowered that 85% of your placement, is entirely controlled by you. The keywords, and tags you give your content and Channel control 60 percent of placement, with an additional 25 percent based of how active your channel is. The remaining 15 percent comes from your content and Channel’s popularity, which through producing high quality content, you can affect significantly as well.

Title, Keywords and Metadata

With 60% of your overall search placement being directly related to how relevant your chosen keywords and tags, It’s worth devoting some time and thought to these factors on both the channel level as well as on a per webinar basis.

The various text based factors below are weighted according to this graph, and make up the 60% of your overall ranking.

The Titles you choose for your content will be the first thing that both potential viewers see, as well as the first thing Ada, our AI-powered Knowledge guide sees, and uses to categorize your content. Titles are very important and should accurately describe the topics covered, in an appealing way.

Applying only on the channel level, this field is intended to link a family of channels under the umbrella of a larger organization / company.

Tags or Keywords are metadata elements that are intended to outline the relevant topics your channel and individual pieces of content focus on. These aren’t seen by users, but are very important for our search algorithm to catalogue content and content producers on BrightTALK.

Your channel has a strapline, or short descriptive phrase that is intended to quickly state the function of your business, or the theme on which your content is based. This is viewable by users and our search system, and it is useful for understanding what your purpose on BrightTALK is.

Your descriptions for content and your channel are longer form abstracts intended to describe your content or channel in more length. This can and should contain some topics and keywords that are especially relevant to your business, and will resonate with audiences.

BrightTALK organizes all of our content into relevant industry-based communities, making sure that both your channel and content are tied into the most relevant community also helps in getting your content served to the proper viewers.

Channel-level impact of keywords

All the content you post on your channel will affect the ranking of your channel in channel search. Below are the content-level text elements that are pooled and impact your overall channel ranking.

In addition to content search, the tags you choose on individual webinars are equally important in channel search. The tags are combined from each and allow you to appear under searches for related terms.

The titles of your webcasts are tabulated and contribute to your overall channel ranking in search.

Make sure the descriptions of your content are accurate as they help in getting your content served to the proper viewers, and contribute to the overall ranking of your channel, though only in small part.

Reach your goals or surpass your goals

Just as with other forms of search, if you can’t organically capture all the audience you desire, you can sponsor your search result to gain higher placement, and get more views. BrightTALK offers Content leads for this specific purpose. Our AI-Powered knowledge expert Ada will suggest your content to those looking for or at relevant content. Your results will place higher in search, to supplement your efforts using proper keywords. The goal of proper SEO is to reduce your needs to sponsor the placement of your content, however these services are here specifically if you can’t reach your goals with optimization alone.

Utilizing Content leads, BrightTALK will drive more views to your content, guaranteed. If you like help to promote your content, and surpass your content and demand marketing goals, reach out!

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