Seven New Features for BrightTALK Channel Owners in 2012

Seven New Features for BrightTALK Channel Owners in 2012

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We started 2012 with the resolution to continue providing our BrightTALK Channel owners with the best experience for getting heard in the crowded market. Although most personal New Year’s resolutions seem to dissipate within weeks, we delivered seven major features throughout the year to enhance the BrightTALK experience for creating, distributing, and gaining insight from your marketing assets. Here is a rundown of the releases.

1. Self-service video upload
This feature enables marketers to upload existing video content alongside their webinars in one player that can be placed anywhere on the Web. By capturing the demographics and viewing patterns of your video audience in addition to you webinar audience, you can identify those most interested in your content, pass them over as leads to your sales team and demonstrate your impact on revenue.

2. HTML5 player
Professionals tend to spend a considerable amount of time on the go and are consuming more and more content on mobile devices. To accommodate these viewing preferences, we have built an HTML5 player that launches when iPad or iPhone users click on recorded content.

3. Channel dashboards
While all of the data you need to optimize your webinar program has been available for download from the channel, summary charts give you a visual representation of your webinar performance. The new charts allow for easy monitoring of successful promotions, quality of content and growth of your community.

4. Marketo integration
It is now possible to sync webinar registration and attendance information directly from a BrightTALK Channel to a Marketo event. This offers several valuable benefits including less time spent on importing data, increased relevancy of marketing programs and faster responses to hot leads from sales.

5. Attachments
Channel owners have the ability to attach white papers, videos, and other documents to their webinars, with download information being recorded in the webinar reports. This feature furthers the reach of your existing marketing assets and serves as an additional distribution channel.

6. iOS application
The My BrightTALK app allows users to easily browse, stream or download videos and webinars in their subscribed channels using 3G, 4G LTE, or WiFi technology. Just minutes after live events conclude, on-demand content is automatically available for viewing within the app.

7. Local language channels
You can customize your channel to display in local languages. Having initially launched in Japanese and German, channels will also be available in Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, French and Korean in 2013.

To learn more about any of these features, please click the associated blog post or contact your account manager. We hope you enjoy using these releases and stay tuned for more to come in 2013!

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