Should You Use Presenter Chat as Part of Your Webinars?

Should You Use Presenter Chat as Part of Your Webinars?

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Live presentations require organization, preparation, and rehearsal. But even with all of those things, there will inevitably be some webinars that require a bit of behind-the-scenes communication. That’s where presenter-to-presenter chat comes in.

On BrightTALK, presenters can use this feature to communicate with their fellow speakers before, during and after their session. We were curious to know more about how BrightTALK thought leaders use chat as part of their webinars, so we asked some of our speakers whether or not they thought presenters should use presenter chat.

Ardath Albee, CEO & B2B Marketing Strategist, Marketing Interactions

“I find presenter chat useful for communicating with other presenters or the moderator about technical issues or to make sure we’re all in sync. Because we can’t ‘talk’ to each other during a live event without interrupting the flow for the audience, presenter chat is easy and fast without being distracting for those speaking.”


morgan cantrell brighttalk

Morgan Cantrell, Product Manager, BrightTALK

“Before its release, presenter chat was one of the most requested features on BrightTALK. It’s an easy way for presenters to coordinate Q&A and transition between speakers. Also, it makes your presentation appear more polished to the audience when you handle those matters behind the scenes. I personally use chat to connect with my co-presenters after the live session.”


heather foechller

Heather Foeh, Director of Customer Advocacy, Lattice Engines

“I use chat sparingly so that my focus is on the presentation, but it’s nice to know I have the option to communicate discreetly with a co-presenter. Also, it’s valuable for presenters to make sure their messaging is aligned and to make sure they don’t talk over each other. For example, I would use it when I want to tell my co-presenter to lead the discussion on the next slide.”


amy holtzman

Amy Holtzman, Director, Online Marketing & Demand Generation, Conductor, Inc.

“Presenter chat is critical to webinar success. Presenters should use this functionality to communicate with one another during every session. As a frequent webinar speaker, it allows me to check in with my fellow presenters: to clarify any technical jargon for the audience, to keep track of the webinar pace, and to determine which questions are best to ask during the Q&A.”



Keith+JenningsKeith Jennings, Director of Marketing & Content Strategy, Jackson Healthcare

“When it comes to presenter chat — or any tool or feature, for that matter — presenters should ask themselves, ‘What function will chat serve during our presentation?’ Are we reserving it for emergency communication, such as technical issues, or are we helping each other respond in real-time to participant disengagement? Could it do more harm than good, by distracting us?

Tools should be viewed like keys on a piano. There are no right or wrong keys on a piano, only right or wrong notes in context of a song. If you understand why and how you are using presenter chat, then that feature can best help you. It’s like knowing which song you’re playing, so you can make optimal melodic and harmonic decisions.”

Presenting an upcoming webinar on BrightTALK and want to use chat? Look for it in the right-hand accordion menu in the Pro webinar presenter screen. Contact your customer success representative or email to get Pro webinar enabled in your channel.

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