Small Business Spotlight: How BrightTALK Is Helping Small Businesses Grow

Small Business Spotlight: How BrightTALK Is Helping Small Businesses Grow

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Today’s buyers are self-educating before making purchasing decisions — think about how you buy a car, a phone, or choose a restaurant. In all of these cases, chances are you will take some time to learn about your purchase online before you buy.

It’s the same for your potential buyers when they search for information related to what you do. According to a study by SiriusDecisions, 67% of the buyer journey is done before even talking to a salesperson.

Small business owners can reach potential buyers by creating content that informs and entertains. We’re most engaged and entertained when we hear and see people, whether in live webinars or recorded videos. We retain much more of what we hear and see than what we read. As your audience learns more from you, you’ll build trust and mindshare. You can then introduce them to your sales team to turn audiences into customers.

BrightTALK provides the technology to publish webinars and videos, embed on your website and, importantly, publish on BrightTALK, where your videos and webinars will be seen by relevant audiences.

While content marketing has typically been an investment that only mid-sized and large business could afford, BrightTALK also delivers value to small businesses at an affordable price point. These smaller brands can be seen alongside big brands while sharing their expertise and creating a home for their audience to learn about what they do.

Here are six small businesses building their businesses with BrightTALK:

Jobscience provides a tool for in-house recruiters and staffing agencies to manage the hiring process. They are running 1-2 webinars a month, keeping an audience engaged and supporting their process of winning new clients.

Hotel Brokers International, a hotel real estate brokerage, started their channel in October 2009 and have been publishing webinars regularly, engaging and reengaging important customers who invest in hotels!

Inktank provides a massively scalable storage system. Last January, they started publishing 1-2 videos or webinars a month to help IT professionals decide on next generation storage solutions. Since then, they’ve been acquired by Red Hat and are continuing to produce webinars under the Inktank name.

Invoca found success from their first webinar by including a phone number at the end of their presentation inviting BrightTALK users to seek out more information on their inbound call marketing solutions. Julia Stead, Invoca’s Director of Marketing, also contributed to one of our video series.

Agari, a company with a little over 30 employees, is adding all of the leads they are collecting through their webinar program to Salesforce in real time. The BrightTALK for Salesforce connector lets them track the exact return on investment they are getting from opportunities created from BrightTALK leads generated by their webinars.

Cloudwords is a marketing globalization platform that has seen value from BrightTALK in a couple different ways. They’ve done four webinars this year and CMO Heidi Lorenzen has been featured in two BrightTALK videos to discuss how Cloudwords is informing and engaging their audience through BrightTALK.

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