Social Business Week | Exploring a Mega Trend

Social Business Week | Exploring a Mega Trend

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We still communicate the way we used to — with telephones and mail — but phones have become constantly connected computers, and mail can reach any person anywhere anytime through any device. At the same time, social networking sites have changed our concept of communication, collaboration, and connectivity.

The concept of social networks has infiltrated the business world, helping organizations and individuals connect in ways previously impossible.

Professionals are aggregating en masse on social networks like LinkedIn, Quora, and Twitter, creating a great new option for recruiters hoping to find the perfect hires or marketers trying to connect with their target audience. Similarly, collaboration tools are leveraging the Internet to allow internal communications to take place in real time and to connect remote offices or workers like never before.

Employees in every region can collaborate on projects, monitor brand sentiment, host internal or external meetings, update each other on the progress of a sales conversation, train new employees, and leverage their colleagues’ networks, all through “social business” tools.

All this connectivity brings its fair share of challenges too. Employees often use personal or professional social tools through corporate networks, exposing data to the vulnerabilities of third party applications. At the same time, employees connecting with each other and sharing information online increases the complexity of e-discovery, human resource policy, and employment law.

The concepts and tools that come with social business are beginning to add real value and risk across industries and departments, so we’ve put together a week-long online event series with some of the top experts in the world sharing the business benefits of becoming social. There are presentations for professionals in a number of areas including human resources, information technology, marketing, security, compliance, and more. We hope you enjoy Social Business Week.

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