Sparking Q&A Participation with Seed Questions

Trent Warrick
Content Marketing Manager
October 29, 2015

Live Q&A sessions are what make online presentations so engaging and beneficial. Unlike on-demand presentations (i.e. event recordings and webinars), live presentations are unique in their ability to engage large audiences in real-time.

Just opening the floor for questions isn’t always enough to inspire and stimulate your audience. Often times viewers need a moment to craft their questions after digesting the information presented. The best speakers know to prepare seed questions to buy time on air and spark conversations.

Great seed questions add value to your webinar and stimulate audience interaction. So how do you craft seed questions that are both beneficial and successful?

Crafting effective questions

  • Run through your presentation and list potential questions you’d expect from both experienced and beginner attendees.
  • Add value with questions that highlight product-specific numbers that may not have been appropriate for you to use during the presentation itself.
  • During a dry run with a colleague, include a short Q&A session and use some of the questions they asked for your presentation.
  • Structure your questions casually to prevent sounding canned. Typically viewers submit very choppy questions so it’ll be easy to notice which questions were authentic.

Implementing staged questions

  • Toss in seed questions throughout the session to get your audience brainstorming.
  • Don’t worry about using staged questions. It buys time and allows the audience to think of theirs and avoids awkwardly ending the session early. Just be sure your responses will genuinely add value for your viewers.
  • Make sure not to sound canned in your response to staged questions. Answers should be spontaneous and interactive.
  • Do make sure that the speaker has the prepared questions ahead of time to avoid not knowing the answers to a question right out of the gate.
  • As a general rule of thumb, always address live questions before posing seed questions.

A strong and interactive Q&A session maximizes your opportunities for conversion since you’ll be able to enhance your lead scoring through engagement and context. Make sure to implement seed questions to set your online stage for success. For more useful presentation tactics, visit the BrightTALK Academy.

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