Speed as a Feature

Speed as a Feature

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At BrightTALK we are continuously trying to improve our product at all levels. As any good web developer will tell you, speed is an important feature, but it’s one that clients rarely think about. Still, they will definitely appreciate it when the product they are using “just works.”

To this end, the development team constantly strives to create code updates, styles of deployment and coding that help optimize the speed with which pages are rendered, and that help clients set up their webcasts quickly and easily.

Conforming to industry speed tests for load times, not just in the UK or US, but from around the entire world, is an important target for us as we have a global audience, and we take it seriously. Many of these feature inputs are not trail blazing updates, they are innocuous, almost invisible updates, but ones which help clients save time. We are proud of them, but like others, don’t want to constantly bang our drum about them.

If nothing else, you can rest easy at night that we are constantly striving to provide the best experience to our clients, and that we value you as a customer and the visitors you bring to the site. We push everyday to improve, improve, improve, even when it looks like little has changed on the face of it. As geeks we are constantly tinkering under the hood, and adding new benefits week-in-week-out.

If you ever feel like you wish to give feedback, then please do. We value input from customers and site visitors alike, and, as you can tell, constantly want to make BrightTALK a better place find, learn, and share great content and experiences.

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