Summit Recap: Marketing Data & Intelligence

Trent Warrick
Content Marketing Manager
October 16, 2018

Best-in-class marketers know how to utilize data to evaluate the effectiveness of their campaigns and do more of what works. Our recent online summit helped more than 1000 viewers understand how to create a data-driven, revenue-centric marketing strategy for 2019.

Summit webinars within topic-based tracks

Performance Metrics

What are the most important metrics to evaluate and demonstrate the value marketing is adding to the organization?

AI & Machine Learning

As machines get smarter, marketers must adapt and use these sophisticated technologies to their advantage.

Marketing Attribution

To secure more budget and authority, marketers need to demonstrate the impact of their efforts and attribute them back to pipeline and revenue.

The top performing webinars within this summit were within the Performance Metrics and Marketing Automation tracks, with the majority of interest clustering around actionable best practice thought-leadership.

Summit Highlights

Leveraging Real Behavioral Intent to Identify and Convert Your Buyers
Val-Pierre Genton, VP Product Marketing, BrightTALK

When you think of your customers as a jumble of demographics and lead scores, it’s easy to miss the critical intent indicators that help you understand their pain points and needs on a deeper, more human level. Discover the behavioral indicators that signal real intent for identifying and converting your ideal accounts and buyers.

Truly define your audience. We’ll look beyond cookie-cutter personas and help you get into the mindset of your buying committee. Put it all together. Turn intent into engagement in a few steps.

“There’s no way that we as marketers even with the best intent and engagement data in the world are going to successfully map campaigns to this maze on first go. As far as I’m concerned what we need to do is to really find ways in which to create the most agile content and demand framework possible.”

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The Ultimate Marketing Dashboard
Alex Poulos, CMO – Chartio, Erik Archer Smith, Marketing Director of ABM, Arm Treasure Data

Marketers today are dealing with more customer data than ever before resulting in large MarTech solutions each with their own analytics and visualization. This leads to a huge amount of confusion and manual work for marketers when reporting on the success of lead gen, advertising campaigns, email outreach and events.

Learn how to streamline your reporting and up-level your visualization with a hands-on webinar with Arm Treasure Data and Chartio as they walk step-by-step for the best marketing KPIs to tracking and how to setup your own Ultimate Marketing Dashboard.

“We have data in too many systems in our tech stack. The average marketing tech stack has 17 different systems. To get data out of all those systems and analyze it sometimes we rely on IT and data teams, but at the end of the day I think the marketing team has the best context of our data, we know how to best interpret our data, and we should be able to do that ourselves.

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Key Marketing Metrics that Score Big with the C-Suite
Christa Tuttle, CEO, Launch Marketing

For C-Suite decision makers, interest in metrics comes down to understanding the ROI on their marketing dollar investment. In this presentation, Christa Tuttle, CEO of Launch Marketing, breaks down the most important elements of tracking customer acquisition cost (CAC), lifetime customer value and marketing generated revenue to make sure you are armed and ready to demonstrate the value of your marketing programs.

“Collecting and organizing data effectively is like Goldilocks “visiting” the home of the three bears.”

“No wonder organizations struggle, it can be data overload which would cause anyone to freeze up.”

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