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The Role of Sales & Marketing Alignment in ABM

As ABM has taken the marketing world by storm, marketers have become laser-focused on creating stronger, more personal relationships with their prospects and customers. While much of this lies in [...]


ABM – The Route to Sales and Marketing Alignment Nirvana?

It's often said that achieving sales and marketing alignment is nirvana. In fact, that's the very topic we'll be discussing in an upcoming BrightTALK webinar panel alongside Peter Lundie and Greg [...]

Sales & Marketing Alignment: Working Together Towards a Common Vision

Sales and marketing alignment is challenging, but improvements significantly increase the likelihood of winning new business. Effectively using a team of sales development representatives (SDRs), [...]


Connecting the Marketing Message with the Sales Conversation

Integrated marketing isn't just about bringing together the various marketing disciplines: the need to maximise revenue growth means that B2B-focused companies must also closely align their [...]