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Do You Ask Questions When Attending a Live Webinar?

Online events bring value to audiences with free access to quality information, travel and accommodation savings, easy-to-use interfaces, and presenter and audience features that further enhance [...]


4 Steps to Crafting Keyword-Optimized Webinar Abstracts

Crafting a webinar title and abstract that captures attention is a critical first step in attracting the right audience to your content. The most effective titles and abstracts are specific [...]

Engage Your Prospects with Smart AI-Driven Recommendations

For as complex as the science is, AI and machine learning have become an essential aspect of our everyday lives. Whether we’re browsing customized recommendations on Netflix or Amazon, or [...]

How to Harness Your Webinar Engagement Data

One of the greatest benefits of webinars is the high level of engagement data that they capture. This data is useful in providing valuable insight into your audience’s interests and pain points [...]

How to Create Content That Influences Buying Teams

B2B buying processes are rarely simple. With buying committees averaging 5.4 decision makers and taking up to a year (sometimes longer) to make a purchase decision, marketers are now required to [...]

Q1 BrightTALK Updates: Increase Content Engagement with “Watch Later” Lists

Between deadlines, projects, continuously shifting needs and random emergencies, professionals are stretched for bandwidth. These are just some of the reasons why just 36.8% of your webinar [...]

Drive Webinar Attendance on BrightTALK Through Automated Emails

In 2014, 53% of the total audience on BrightTALK was driven by email, affirming its status as the most effective medium for promoting webinars. According to the Direct Marketing Association, [...]

Grabbing Attention and Holding On to It with Relevant Recommendations

One of the big challenges marketers face when it comes to lead nurturing is holding on to the attention they’ve so hard worked to attract. Email is a key tool in nurturing repeat engagement. But [...]

Are You Ignoring Your Most Powerful Lead Qualification Tool?

Lead qualification is one of the top uses for business webinars. In an attempt to qualify the best sales leads, webinar vendors and webinar hosts may employ lead scoring based on answers to [...]

Attract Larger Audiences with Improved Email Design

The weekly email, a key email that gives your content regular audience exposure with no promotional effort on your side, has a new look and performs 24% better. This release includes a modern [...]

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