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Engage Community Members Across Platforms to Drive Growth

Regardless of the type of business you’re in, if you’re developing and supporting communities on sites like BrightTALK, it’s important to continuously engage your audience to maintain their [...]

The B2B Buyer: How Video Is Changing the Way We Think

What’s the difference between the B2B and B2C buyer? If you’re a marketer, this may seem like an elementary question, and I’m sure you’re already listing the differences in your head. But what if [...]

What Drives B2B Purchase Decisions? [New Research]

As a B2B marketer, there’s nothing more valuable than getting insight into the mind of your buyer. Today, with extended buying cycles involving multiple stakeholders, the more you can understand [...]

How to Create Content That Influences Buying Teams

B2B buying processes are rarely simple. With buying committees averaging 5.4 decision makers and taking up to a year (sometimes longer) to make a purchase decision, marketers are now required to [...]