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Q2 BrightTALK Updates: Run Sleeker Webinars on the New BrightTALK HTML5 Player

Offering a clear and intuitive user experience is of key importance to all marketers. The success of your content goes hand in hand with how easy it is for your audience to consume. With this in [...]

The BrightTALK Channel: Combining Brand Consistency, Event Promotion, and Site Analytics in One Simple Tool

Leveraging your live and on-demand events is a key element to a successful webinar program. Most webinar platforms will send you the recording for you to manually upload and distribute after the [...]

Drive Webinar Attendance on BrightTALK Through Automated Emails

In 2014, 53% of the total audience on BrightTALK was driven by email, affirming its status as the most effective medium for promoting webinars. According to the Direct Marketing Association, [...]

No More Spreadsheets! Get Your Leads in the BrightTALK Channel for More Efficient Nurturing Campaigns

As marketers become savvier at attracting and nurturing the right audiences, adopting strategic technologies that automate lead delivery and reporting and integrate with marketing automation and [...]

Draw More Live Webinar Attendees with the Add-to-Calendar Feature

BrightTALK has bolstered its “add-to-calendar” feature to support Google Calendar along with Outlook and iCal, making it more convenient for users to attend a live webinar and increasing the [...]

Empower Your Team with Manager Access to Your Channel

At BrightTALK we understand marketers and strive to build products that make telling your story to the right audience easy and effective. One of the most requested features we’ve encountered in [...]

Bring Your BrightTALK Channel Emails to Life with New Customization

The automated emails subscribers to your channel receive in response to their viewing behavior are a crucial tool for audience re-engagement. Many BrightTALK Channel owners have customized their [...]